tirsdag 23. februar 2010

I miss New York

I miss walking around in Soho, New York..


Photos of me by Maciek, Soho, New york, may 2009.

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Anonym sa...


Days In The Life With Me sa...

yes I like them too :)
Thank you :))

JT sa...

AW you look great! I misss NEW YORK too!
I need to go back! =(
WOw, cant believe they dont have a F21 in SF!
That must suck! =(
COme to LA, we have so many!


Days In The Life With Me sa...

Thank you, hihi.
Ahh yeah I need to go back too, sooooon ;D
They have F21 in SF that was where I went. But I`m from Norway, and we don`t have it here..

I miss LA as well. Last year my boyfriend and I was on a holiday for four and a half month around the world, we had one month in usa. We rented a car, started in LA and ended in SF..<3<3 AMAZING..I MISS CALIFORNIA!!!

where in LA do you live? :)


Viktoria sa...

great pictures and you can't even imagine how much i miss London today. it's driving me crazy : )

Days In The Life With Me sa...

thank you :)
hehe aw..
I have never been to london :s iik...
Really need to get myself over there soon!!!