onsdag 9. juni 2010

So Tired

This week have been a LAZY week so far, I`m so tired. After work I have just been at home lying on the sofa and done nothing. It`s so much to do at work, to much. Aah.
But tomorrow I don`t start work before 16.00 wich means that I can sleep a little longer something that is going to be good. Hoping this beautiful weather will stay like this forever.
How has youre week been so far?

For a week or two or three ago I was modelling for a girl who are going at Stavanger university where she is studying photographing. She was going to take some hat photos and this is one of them.

Photo by: Veronica Ullvang
Hair & Makeup by: Rebekah Ravonsheed
Model: Silje Verdecchia (me)

4 kommentarer:

Linda Loves You sa...

wow :)

Days In The Life With Me sa...

Takk? :D hehe

Linda Loves You sa...

Var sikker på at det var en modell, måtte lese før eg fattet at det var deg, syyykt fint!

Days In The Life With Me sa...

haha sygt :) tusen takk for det :)