mandag 10. mai 2010

The Opening Of Monki Stavanger

Aurora was Dj.
My Cute June.
Me tired after work.;p
I ended up buying this tee.

Photos belongs to June, and the last one are from

3 kommentarer:

Jessica Weingarten sa...

Great outfits :)

By the way, I'm currently running a blog feature contest, looking for some of the best dressed people on blogger and I would love for you to enter! Click here to see the deets! Thanks :)


Days In The Life With Me sa...

aw, thank you so much!
I will try to get it done after work :)
Have a great day :)

The Beautiful and Glammed sa...

LOVE the tee, you have great styling, the last outfit is fab, love the biker looking jacket and shoes. Fab blog, definitely be back! Come follow TBAG if you fancy. Bon weekend!! xxx